Core Business Presentation

The C12 Core Business Presentation is your opportunity to present your business in a structured, focused forum for the purpose of receiving feedback from your peer board. No, it's not easy. But there is tremendous value in thinking methodically about your business and presenting your ideas, challenges and opportunities to a group of like-minded Christian professionals who care about you and the mission of your firm.


The Format

The C12 Core Business Presentation is the last session of the day during a C12 monthly meeting. Each member presents once per year, using an outline provided by C12. The forum provides insight, persective, and feedback on topics such as:

  • Organization development and strategic direction
  • The mission and vision of your firm
  • The operational numbers for the past few years along with current financials and projections
  • Direct report evaluation and information
  • Marketing and sales assessments
  • Ministry involvement and fruit
  • Personal development goals
  • Key questions for the group
  • And more....

The Value

Does the Core Business Presentation sound intimidating? Perhaps you're thinking, "I've never done that! Why would I want to present that information to a group of people a see only once a month?"

Visit a C12 Group meeting and see the value for yourself. Yes, it's a challenge to prepare and present this information and to be open for scrutiny, but that's the true value of C12 - helping you develop the disciplines necessary to think objectively and persistently about your business, ministry and family. Bear in mind your peer board wants the best for you. By opening yourself to honest, sincere feedback, you will be in a better position to grow in all areas of life.