One-on-One Chair Coaching

The Monthly One-on-One Coaching Sessions is vital to maximizing a member’s C12 experience. The One-on-One time provides a monthly 60-90 minute session with your Area Chair to assist you in applying the powerful general management, leadership, and ministry concepts you discuss in each month’s C12 group setting.


One-on-One sessions include:

  • Integration and Understanding: ensuring that concepts from the monthly meeting are clear and accessible for application directly to your business (identify, clarify, prioritize)
  • Follow-through Accountability: encouraging you to focus on implementation (monthly To-Do list, operational/strategic plans, Key Metrics)
  • Intimacy and Encouragement: coming alongside you to better facilitate spiritual growth, life balance, courageous leadership and healthy group interaction
Focused, Long-term Conversations
The One-on-One sessions give you an opportunity to cover a range of topics in depth, tracking with your Area Chair over time to address implementation of long-term initiatives. Imagine the value of having a running conversation and accountability with someone who can provide balanced, objective, Biblical feedback and counsel on the issues shaping your company's culture, operations, systems and teams. 

This offering alone warrants significant fees from secular advisors. In context of the other C12 offerings, One-one-One coaching sessions add clarity and initiative to the concepts taught in the C12 curriculum and discussed in the peer group setting.